David Stoll, M.D.

Board certified dermatologist practicing in sunny Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Stoll is the author of the popular book “A Woman’s Skin” (Rutgers University Press) as well as countless research papers. Dr. Stoll was selected to write the Dermatology chapter in the “Textbook of Woman’s Health”, the standard textbook for all medical students and doctors in the United States, because Dr. Stoll is known expert and rather famous in the field of dermatology.

While at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr. Stoll worked with the team that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for skin hormone medicine. He later moved to Beverly Hills where he continued his research efforts.

Named the “Dermatologist to the Stars” by many in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, Dr. Stoll is widely quoted by major magazines, newspapers and air media. Over the decades, Dr. Stoll has worked diligently to develop many skin care products and treatments.